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At Bulk Carts we aim to be a true cartridge wholesale distributor. We operate by keeping things very efficient and simple. We only offer the all glass/ceramic CCELL-style cartridge because it is simply the best tried and true cart on the market. The biggest advantage about us is that we source all of our products from one factory and do not buy or look elsewhere for production suppliers. We have worked hard to perfect our carts so we know that they work seamlessly with a flaw rate average of less than 1%. We have the correct Ohm so that 99% of all 510 pen batteries will work with our carts, and we never use solder in the manufacturing process. We offer the most flexibility with our return policy and we even accept returns that stem from over wattage.

When we talk about free shipping, that goes both ways. If you ever need to return anything, we will send you a call tag or prepare it so you can leave it on your porch to be picked at no charge from UPS. Those of you that want special shipping such as overnight or two day express will only pay the exact rate we are charged, however we credit you back the normal ground shipping fee we would have paid. This makes overnight shipping the absolute cheapest with or company.

We believe that having the best quality product at the lowest price is what works best for everyone. We have worked hard to get both of these factors and we believe we have accomplished this. When we add our very flexible return policy with absolutely free shipping, we believe we will earn many customers for life. Our customers are industry professionals and allow us to sell our products with very minimal confusion and setbacks. This model keeps our prices very low and allows us to focus on our business. By only offering bulk sales we can keep our average order higher and continue to sell the most reliable products for less, so come try us out!

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