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How it works

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Provider members can have multiple active listings, a storefront/homepage and all functionality to connect and transact with Buyers at NO COST (other than transaction fees for online payments).  Additional value-add Premium services are available as a subscription which you can view more on here.

A couple of things that are super quick to get the most out of your presence on the platform:

Complete your member profile.  After signing up, we highly encourage Providers to fully complete your member profile page and tailor it to your company.  Your profile page then acts as your “storefront” from which Buyers can view all of your company information and gain easy access to all of your listings from one page.

Here are the key items to structure properly:

  • Display name:  set this to your company name for display on all of your listings and your storefront
  • Username:  set this to your company name so your URL is personalized with this
  • Profile picture:  upload your company logo here
  • Website address:  input your company website URL, making sure to start with “https://www...” so that the link is live

The other fields are pretty self explanatory and we recommend to complete them all for a fully impactful page.

Post a Profile Listing (if you are not posting any specific offering listings).  Since member Profile pages are not public and searchable until a listing is posted, and if you choose not to post any specific offering listing, we recommend to minimally post a Profile type of listing.  While this is a little duplicative to your profile page, it establishes your public visibility to all members.  You may post a Profile type listing in addition to any specific offering listings.

To create this type of listing, after the selection of the desired Category, you will then select the Profile listing type.  Completing the listing fields is pretty self explanatory.

Provider responsibilities.  Providers are fully responsible for the satisfactory delivery of all goods and services.  This includes determining any necessary refunds and exchanges, as well as any customer or technical support, service level agreements or other contractual responsibilities.  CannaMPx does not accept any of these responsibilities or warrant any of the goods or services listed on the platform.

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Buyer members can join and use all functionality of the platform at NO COST and can browse ALL listings in the marketplace without signing in.  However, in order to make purchases or to use the secure messaging features to contact a provider, you must be logged in.

As a Buyer member, you can choose to receive periodic newsletters to be updated on new listings and can also participate in and receive updates on listing comment threads and perform reviews.  You can adjust these notices and updates in Settings>Notifications within your member profile.

If you do not see the good or service that you are looking for within the platform, consider posting a Request listing for Providers to locate and contact you.  See more on this further below.

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What is allowed, not allowed.  CannaMPx only allows listings and transactions of ancillary goods and services. 

We do not allow any listing or transactions of strains, harvests, flowers/buds, edibles, hash, THC or CBD products (retail and wholesale), or any consumer product you would traditionally obtain from a dispensary, or any items requiring a person or entity to hold a valid cannabis license to sell or purchase.  Any member who does not comply with this policy will be immediately removed and banned from CannaMPx and all listings will be deleted.

Post a new listing.  You can select from a number of pre-established categories and pricing type options when you post a new listing.  When you post with a price, you can initiate the Paypal payment gateway to directly accept payments.  Listings can include multiple images along with the ability to embed YouTube videos in the description area that will play directly within the listing.

Edit/Close/Delete a listing.  For all of your listings, you have full control to edit, close or delete them at any time (must be logged in to perform).  Simply open the listing and you will see the menu of action items available to perform these functions.

Active Listings & Expirations.  Members may have multiple active listings as their membership level provides.  All listings have no expirations.

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Equipment rentals

The CannaMPx platform fully supports equipment rentals.  Providers are able to post equipment rental listings with rental fees and which are fully searchable by Buyers through the listing type, via keywords and our geo-based search.

The posting process follows the same as an equipment sales posting, however the Provider needs to select Rental as the listing type when creating the listing.  You can then set your pricing per the unit options provided.  Buyers will then contact you directly through the marketplace for completion of the rental transaction. 

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Requests (reverse marketplace)

In addition to browsing CannaMPx to locate specific goods or services, the platform also provides members the ability to post requests that are fully searchable by Providers who can then contact you via our secure messaging.  This is known as a reverse marketplace and CannaMPx has built this unique capability into the platform.

In order to post a Request listing, you must be a member and be signed in.  To create this type of listing, after selecting the appropriate Category, select the Request listing type.  All other fields can be filled in as required or applicable.

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Online payments via the CannaMPx platform

CannaMPx has integrated the PayPal payment processing platform to easily accept payments within the platform for both companies and individuals.   You will need a PayPal account in order to use this functionality and is very easy to setup.  PayPal offers both Buyers and Providers a protection plan so you can be ensured of a safe transaction.

To initiate this payment processing for your account, navigate to the Settings>Payments area within your Member portal and you will be walked through the process to get all setup.  It is super easy and quick to be up and running to accept payments!

In addition to the direct charges by PayPal, there is an additional low transaction fee of 5% charged by CannaMPx for each payment transaction.

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